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In a globalized economy an increasing number of countries in Asia, the America’s, Africa and Central and Eastern Europe have been opening up their markets to foreign trade and investment; creating business opportunities for both local companies and Belgian enterprises wishing to enter or further penetrate those markets.

Today, the impact of changing economic policies in many countries, pandemics and the positive rise in the sustainability agenda raise
new challenges when it comes to taking strategic decisions on a company’s geographical deployment, whereby local investments remain however key. Choosing the right location with attention on geographical spread results in a more overall stable production and business environment for the Belgian investor.

After 50 years of existence, it is SFPIM-International’s continued mission to support Belgian companies to optimize their presence abroad with adequate financing.



SFPIM-International, founded in 1971, is a unique finance institution
with both public and private capital, active in the co-financing of business ventures by Belgian private companies abroad.

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SFPIM-International is a limited liability company, with more than 85% of its capital held by the Belgian State through SFPIM, a State owned investment fund.

The fact that SFPIM-International is a government-related institution often benefits the project as it creates trust and enhances the confidence of foreign partners and/or authorities towards the Belgian private sponsored project.

SFPIM-International offers tailor-made solutions taking into consideration the particular needs and risk profile of each individual project. As SFPIM-International sets out to be a genuine long-term partner, it provides comprehensive support and advice as well as co-financing.

Since its creation, SFPIM-International has invested in over 350 projects in more than 60 countries


“SFPIM-International is the image that we would like Belgium to have in the world: stability, professionalism and pragmatism!”

(Pierre Mottet, CEO IBA)

“The interest in the content of the project and the broad vision on the further development possibilities is what makes SFPIM-International a strong partner with an important added value in entrepreneurship.”

(Sigrid Pauwelyn, Trotec NV)

“SFPIM-International is the right financial partner to develop our activities in Africa and to bring also a strong credibility towards our local partners.”

(Damien DE PRIJCK, Group Chief Financial Officier BIA)

“While applying a shareholder’s approach in lending, SFPIM-International successfully balances analytical thoroughness with pragmatism and speed of action and in this way they manage to act as a partner rather than a lender.”

(Barry Collard, CFO van Manuchar)


SFPIM-International co-finances foreign projects of Belgian companies that have a relevant track-record and that want to expand the internationalization of their activities via a foreign investment.

The Belgian partner can be a dynamic SME, a medium-sized enterprise as well as a large corporate.

New projects (‘greenfields’), expansions of existing projects and acquisitions of existing companies abroad fall within the scope of co-financing by SFPIM-International. All projects co-financed must show an overall favorable impact on the Belgian economy. The current portfolio of SFPIM-International is highly diversified and reflects the most prominent sectors of the Belgian economy.

SFPIM-International’s financial means can, in certain cases, be leveraged with considerable external financing capacities. SFPIM-International has developed a close collaboration with the 3 regional investment companies (PMV, SRIW and SRIB) and also has good contacts with international and supranational institutions.

– World-wide in developed & developing countries
– More remote & challenging countries
– Countries under Sanctions and/or Embargoes are excluded

– Preliminary screening by SFPIM-International to determine whether the project is eligible.

– Extensive analysis including: historical, financial and legal standing, due diligence of the Belgian company, information on its competitive advantages, business plan/forecasts for 3-5 years, management information, funding requirement and usage & financial structure of the proposed financing deal.

– The legal documentation: upon fulfillment of all conditions precedent the funds will be disbursed to the project.

– Follow-Up

Timeline from first contact to final approval: 3-4 months


Erna Vandeplas
Company Secretary
Equipes_portraits SFPIM_72 dpi_2023136-71
Barbara Reypens
Senior Investment Manager
Equipes_portraits SFPIM_72 dpi_2023136-41ok
Christophe Denis
Senior Investment Manager
André Deltenre
Chief Executive Officer
Equipes_portraits SFPIM_72 dpi_2023136-35_OK
Etienne Lauwerys
Investment Manager

Board of directors

Koen van Loo
Board Member (SFPIM)
Denis Ronday
Board Member (SFPIM)
Céline Vaesen
Board Member (SFPIM)
Herwig van Camp
Board Member
(BNPParibas Fortis)
Carina Sutera Sardo
Board Member


SFPIM International is managed by a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors of SFPIM International has formed a specialized advisory committee: an Investment Committee.

CSR charter of SFPIM International (pdf)

Investment Committee

The Board of Directors has created, under its responsibility, an Investment committee whose mission is to advise the Board of Directors in the exercise of its responsibilities. The Investment Committee is made up of four members, appointed by the Board of Directors: the two vice-presidents, a director and the Chief Executive Officer. An external expert also participates in each meeting.

Capital structure

Public 85%

(direct & indirect)


Private 15%

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+32 2 776 01 00

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